Delhi Metro App Official | DMRC Travel App | Delhi Metro Ticket Application Download 2023

Are you tired of navigating the bustling streets of Delhi? Do you wish for a more convenient and efficient way to travel around the city? Look no further than the DMRC Travel App, Delhi One, your ultimate travel companion. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the features and benefits of this app, exploring how it can transform your Delhi travel experience.

1. Getting Started with Delhi Metro App

1.1. Downloading and Installing DMRC Travel App

To begin your journey with the DMRC Travel App, head to your preferred app store, Visit Google Play store if you are using Android mobile or the Apple App Store. Search for “DMRC Travel App” and hit the download button. Once installed, open the app, then sign up to explore the app.

1.2. Registration and Setup

Upon opening the app, you’ll need to register your account. Register with email id and phone number. Setting up your profile will personalise your experience.

2. Navigating Delhi Like a Pro

2.1. Real-time Metro Information

Say goodbye to the queues for tokens at metro stations. Delhi One/travel app provides a QR code(Token)in your mobile and real-time updates on metro schedules, helping you plan your journey with precision.

2.2. Route Planning Made Easy

Whether you’re a daily commuter or an occasional traveller, the app offers route planning with multiple options, considering the fastest routes, interchanges, and congestion levels.

2.3. Fare Calculator

Worried about fare prices? The DMRC Travel App features a fare calculator that estimates the cost of your journey, so you no need to ask from DMRC official for fairs.

3. The Convenience of Mobile Ticketing

3.1. Paperless Ticketing

Days of paper tickets and long queues are over now. Delhi One allows you to purchase and store your metro tickets directly on your smartphone.

3.2. Contactless Payments

With secure payment options integrated, you can make quick and hassle-free transactions, eliminating the need for cash.

4. Personalized Features

4.1. Favorite Routes

Save your most-travelled routes as favourites for one-tap access and simplified planning.

4.2. Accessibility Features

The app caters to passengers with special needs, ensuring inclusivity in every journey.

5. Staying Informed

5.1. Notifications

DMRC notify you through the app of important announcements, delays, and service disruptions through push notifications.

5.2. Travel Tips

Explore articles and tips on making the most of your Delhi metro travel experience.

6. Security and Support

6.1. Emergency Services

In case of emergencies, the app provides instant access to helplines and security personnel.

6.2. Customer Support

For any queries or support you can directly contact the DMRC team through the app.

DMRC 24×7 helpline number:- 155370

DMRC Email Id:-

Women Helpline Number:- 1091

Delhi Police Control Room:- 112

7. Best App for Delhi metro and for QR booking new Delhi metro station

  • Chartr App –
Chartr app delhi bus
  • DMRC Travel App-
DMRC Travel app
  • Delhi One-
Delhi Metro App Official | DMRC Travel App | Delhi Metro Ticket Application Download 2023

Drawbacks of the above Delhi metro app.

  • Sometimes DMRC travel app does not work properly.
  • QR code is not generated at the moment.
  • Customer care response is slow.
  • DELHI One app also crashes sometimes.


The DMRC Travel App, Delhi One, is your key to hassle-free and efficient travel within the vibrant city of Delhi. From real-time metro updates to convenient mobile ticketing and personalized features, it has all your travel needs covered. Say goodbye to the chaos of Delhi’s streets and hello to a seamless metro experience.

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